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School Fees

There are three charges that apply to all students.

1. Attendance Dues
These are charged by the church proprietors in Auckland, with the money being used for the upgrading of school facilities. This charge is compulsory and children may be excluded from the school roll for failure to pay these fees. Fees for the year 2018 are $137.50(incl.gst) per child, per term. Parents need to have a term's fees up-to-date before commencing the next term unless arrangements have been made with the school.

2. Activity Contribution
This voluntary donation covers many of the incidental expenses that occur during a school year, such as swimming and local excursions. The cost in 2018 is $22.50 per term. This fee is levied directly from the school.

3. Special Character Donation
This voluntary donation, levied by the proprietor is used to maintain the special character of our New Zealand School system through; professional development of staff, assisting with expenses relating to locating and transferring staff, and in contributing towards the expenses of our National Education Director.  The amount for 2018 is $25 per term (reduced if more than one child at school).

Money paid to the school can be in the form of;

a) Cash payment to the school secretary (between 8:30 am & 11:00 am)

b) Cheques made out to; "Hamilton SDA Primary School"

c) Direct credits made to the school bank account (see the school secretary for forms)

International Students

There are a limited number of places available for Foreign Fee-Paying Students. Contact the Office for a Fee Schedule and additional information.


Class or school excursions are conducted at various times throughout the year. Occasionally the cost of these is beyond that provided for in the activity fees. In these cases, the cost is usually in the range of $2.00 - $5.00, and needs to be paid before leaving on the excursion.

Year 7-8 Technology Fee

The Year 7-8 students attend Peachgrove Intermediate School each Wedensday morning from 9am - 11am, to complete the curriculum's technology requirements. The cost per child in Year 7-8 is $66.00 for the year. This amount needs to be paid before the children can keep any of the projects they make at Technology.


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